BiCSi (Building Industries Consulting Services   International)


BiCSi is a non profit professional association that ensures that international standards and work ethics are maintained.

It serves over 25 000 members in over 90 countries.


Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is the highest qualification available in the generic design of infrastructure.

RCDD/LAN Specialist is a 2 year undergraduate degree that covers all   aspects of the Network Transport Systems.


Data Centre Design Consultant (DCDC) is based on the ANSI/BICSI 022-2001 Best Practices for design, implementation and maintenance of Data Centres. There are currently only 43 certified DCDC engineers in the world and only one in Africa.


There are currently only 22 RCDD’s, 1 DCDC and 2 RCDD/LAN  Specialists in Africa.


Integral Networking is a Corporate Member of BiCSi and has a full time RCDD, DCDC and LAN/NTS specialist on board.