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IP Telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP/IPT)


IP Telephony services are provided internally and inter-branch to ensure that the client receives the most feature rich telephony solution   with the best return on investment. Integral Networking is a certified ShoreTel  reseller and is  Cisco IPTX certified.

IP Telephony phones and servers

IP Phone System delivers on the promises of Unified Communications by integrating voice, video, IM, and voicemail in one easy to use system with no single point of failure. Call control is distributed to intelligent gateways - called voice switches - and voice applications, including voicemail and automated attendant, run on standard server hardware from anywhere on your network. The result is a single-image system across all geographies, with complete feature transparency

IP Phone System

ShoreTel's IP phone system is a completely integrated unified communications system that is built from the ground up and designed to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, full-featured IP phone system on the market today. Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because the ShoreTel IP phone system appears and behaves as a single, unified system.


Distributed Architecture

ShoreTel's distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because voice switches and servers can be located anywhere on your IP network.


Centralized Management

ShoreTel's Web-based management interface, ShoreWare Director, can manage and monitor all aspects of your system including IP phones, voice switches, voicemail, and auto-attendant.


Unified Messaging

Unfied Messaging allows access to voicemail and contacts out of the box with Microsoft® Outlook® integration. End Users can also make use of their calendars to schedule conferences and control handling of incoming calls.



Office Anywhere allows users to temporarily or permanently assign their extension to any office phone, home phone, or even mobile phone, while Mobile Call Manager allows users to place and receive calls and manage their voicemail directly from their mobile phone.


Seamless Integration

ShoreTel can also interface with other PBX and CRM systems with support for SIP, MGCP, legacy TDM, and integration with, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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