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Following are some of the Turnkey ICT services offered by Integral Networking.

Structured Cabling

 Structured Cabling

Integral Networking has en actively involved in the network cabling industry since 1998.


As a corporate member of the Building Industry Consulting Services International (BiCSi), Integral Networking is at the forefront of structured cabling technology.


We supply, install and maintain certified Category-5e, 6, 6A, 7 and 7A cabling solutions and offer OEM warranties up to 25 years.

Our cabling solutions encompass the full range of Coaxial, UTP, STP, FTP, Single and Multimode Fibre optic cables.


All our installation teams are certified by the relevant manufacturers to install their products and offer the system warranties.

Integral Networking is Certified Brand-Rex, Legrand, Molex Premise Networks, Nexans, Telegärtner, Tyco Electronics (ADC/Krone) and 3M structured cabling installer.

Datacentre Services

Datacentre racks with servers

Integral Networking has been involved in the designing, implementing   and maintenance of  Data Centres and Server rooms over the past ten years. Successful installations have been carried out in South Africa,   Botswana and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The design and best practices standards for Data Centre has been defined in the ANSI/BICSI  002-2001 Standard. (ANSI = American   National Standards Institute), (BICSI = Building Industry Consulting   Services International).


Integral Networking was the first Company in Africa that has undertaken the ANSI/BICSI 002-2011 training and was also the first   company in Africa that has successfully passed the examination for the DCDC (Data Centre Design Consultant) certification.

IP Telephone and server

IP Telephony services are provided internally and inter-branch to ensure that the client receives the most feature rich telephony solution   with the best return on investment. Integral Networking is the only Silver ShoreTel partner in South Africa.


ShoreTel's IP Phone System delivers on the promises of Unified Communications by integrating voice, video, IM, and voicemail in one easy to use system with no single point of failure. Call control is distributed to intelligent gateways - called voice switches - and voice applications, including voicemail and automated attendant, run on standard server hardware from anywhere on your network.


The result is a single-image system across all geographies, with complete feature transparency

(VoIP) Unified Communications

Security Services

CCTV camera

Security requirements is a reality in the time that we live in. You need to protect your access as well as monitor and control the access of visitors to your offices.

It is vital to be Pro-Active rather than Re-Active when it cames to your security implementation.


Integral Networking is the only company in Africa that has successfully completed the international training for Electronic Safety and Security Design (ESSD) and all designs and installations are done according to the ESSD guidelines. This gives the client peace of mins that the proposed system will comply to all International Standards.

We design, install and maintain the complete security system including walk through metal detectors, X-Ray machines, IP or Analogue serveilance cameras. On the access control side we implement a full system from entry to exit of the building including vehicle and pedestrian access system.

Access credentials gets verified against PIN, remote RFiD, RFiD Tags or Cards, or Biometric systems (Fingerprint, Retena, Facial or Palm scanning)


Wireless router access point

The world around us is going wireless; we stream music and movies from our home PCs to any room in the house, we can play music from our phones on car stereos and we can go to any number of public places and hook up to the internet.

In the corporate invironment the avarage user have at least three devices.

Workstation, Tablet and a Smartphone.

Documents and mail needs to pass seemlesly between the devices in real time. Users expect to have connection throughout the entire building or campus while they are on the move with glitch free hanover betwee Wireless nodes or access points.


There is an increase in demand for bandwith and that makes it vital that your wireless infrastructure is designed correctly according to your needs.


Wireless access points need to be part of the sollution and not part of the problem of Wireless pollution. 

That is the factors that we keep in mind when we design wireless network.


Building Services Conulting Services International logo

BiCSi (Building Industries Consulting Services   International)

 BiCSi is a non profit professional association that ensures that international standards and work ethics are maintained.

 It serves over 25 000 members in over 90 countries.

Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is the highest qualification available in the generic design of infrastructure.

RCDD/LAN(NTS) Specialist is a 2 year undergraduate degree that covers all   aspects of the Network Transport Systems.

Data Centre Design Consultant (DCDC) is based on the ANSI/BICSI   022-2001 Best Practices for design, implementation and maintenance of Data Centres.


There are currently only 43 certified DCDC engineers in the world and only one in Africa.

There are currently only 22 RCDD’s, 1 DCDC and 2 RCDD/LAN   Specialists in Africa.

Integral Networking is a Corporate Member of BiCSi and has a   full   time RCDD, DCDC and LAN/NTS specialist on board.

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