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Containerised Solutions


Our Containerised Solutions provide full civil works and a secure environment. We offer a comprehensive service which includes the design, installation and maintenance of all containerised solutions. Our experienced team of experts ensure that all components are correctly installed and maintained for maximum efficiency and security.

· Civil works: Installation of earth mats, Installation of security fencing; Brick walls, Palisade fencing,              Razor mesh, and Clear view fence.

·  Installation of a plinths for the container with fibre and electrical ducts installed.

· Delivery of the pre build and populated container to the site. Connecting fibre and electrical from the        container to the utility supply.

·  Security: Access control on the perimeter gate and the container.

·  Security cameras inside and outside of the container.

·  Security alarm system with beams and sensors.

·  Sensor activated floodlights

·  Internal setup: Cable containment for fibre, copper, AC and DC cabling.

·  Cabinets, Electrical reticulation including AC an DC distribution boards.

·  Back up power; UPS, Invertors and Rectifiers

·  Environmental monitoring system monitoring temperature, humidity and door sensors.

·  Emergency lights

·  Air conditioning units

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