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Data Centre Services


Integral Networking has been involved in the designing, implementation and maintenance of  Data Centres and Server rooms over the past ten years. Successful installations have been carried out in South Africa,   Botswana and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The design and best practices standards for Data Centre has been defined in the ANSI/BICSI  002-2001 Standard. (ANSI = American   National Standards Institute), (BICSI = Building Industry Consulting   Services International).

Integral Networking was the first Company in Africa that has   undertaken the ANSI/BICSI 002-2011 training and was also the first   company in Africa that has successfully passed the examination for the   DCDC (Data Centre Design Consultant) certification.

As per the International Standard Integral Networking scope entails the following:

•Architectural and space planning.

•Site selection.

•Electrical systems.

•Utility power, Generator and UPS back up power.

•Mechanical systems.

•HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

•Raised flooring.

•Fire rated walls, ceilings and doors.

•Cold Aisle containment.

•Telecoms and Networking.

•Ancillary systems.

•Access Control, Digital Surveillance, Environmental   monitoring and Building automation.

•Fire Detection and Suppression.


•Data Centre operations and maintenance.

•Design Process.

•Risk Analysis.


Integral Networking puts a lot of focus on the operation and maintenance of the Data Centre after completion and assists our clients with the implementation of proper operations and change control   measures for the Data Centre.

We also offer a complete containerised datacentre solution for areas where Speed of deployment and hardened security is required.

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